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Belcarra Sports Centre


In 1985 Belcarra Handball Alley was renovated and re-named Belcarra Sports Centre to facilitate all sports within the Community.

The Centre was renovated under an Anco Scheme which preceded Fás. The open alley was roofed with galvanised corrugated roof with basic dressing rooms erected at the rear. For many years the Sports Centre continued to be a great asset to young and old in the Community.

Belcarra Handball Club was and is one of the leading clubs in the county with growing membership and volunteer coaches. Prior to Covid it had won numerous all Ireland titles.

In 2004 as the building had deteriorated it was decided to upgrade the Centre. Plans were drawn up to replace the facility which would include a full size Handball court and facilitate other sports including Racquetball and Badminton. An application was made to the Dept of Arts, Sports and Tourism for funding. A grant of €200,000 was approved in 2007. The overall cost of the Project was €500,000. Fundraising was ongoing to meet the shortfall. The building of the Sports Centre started in 2012 and was completed in December of that year.

This would be a great asset to our community both young and old. The project was supported by Belcarra Community Council, Belcarra Community Co-op, Mr Tom Mitchell former provost of Trinity College through the Philanthropy Ireland funding and Mr Martin Naughton Glen Dimplex both of whom are natives of Belcarra.

The new Sports Centre was officially blessed by Fr Denis Carney PP and opened by the Cathaoirleach of Mayo Co. Co. Councillor Cyril Burke  in April 2013.

Using the Sports Centre

If you’d like to join the Handball Club or use the Sports Centre please contact Claire Cuffe

Belcarra Sports Field, Children’s Playground and MUGA


To make the village centre complete the Belcarra Community undertook to provide a children’s playground, MUGA (Multi-use Games Area) and sports field for the community.

The Community Council agreed to purchase of the 2-acre field from the Church Finance Committee for €100,000. It is located directly across from the Community Centre and was identified as the perfect location for the playground, MUGA and sports field. 

Fundraising for the project started with a Flower Arranging Class and a visit from Santa which raised over €1,000 in 2017.  In 2018, Belcarra Community Council secured €50,000 Clár grant aid.

The Belcarra 8K Family Fun Walk/Run was the first big fundraising event held in April 2018. This was a real family day and the weather was excellent. Over 200 people entered into the spirit of the event. Alongside athletes were mothers and toddlers ,walking enthusiasts and people of the community who just wanted to help. This raised almost €5,000 towards the Community Field.

“Thanks to all who helped out on the day and in the lead up to the event.€4,964 was raised and this money goes towards the Belcarra Community Recreational Park and Playground Development. It was not the strength of any individual but it was the strength of the Community united and how well we all work together. Great weather, great participants ,solid local sponsorship and willing volunteers the ultimate formula for success. Thanks to everyone from the organisers” Nadine, member of Belcarra Community Council

The playground was completed and launched in November 2018, and it provides a great enhancement to the spirit of our village.

Once the playground was established, fundraising began for the further development of the Sports Field. Several initiatives were launched including a virtual walk from Belcarra Village County Mayo to our twinned town, Belcarra, British Columbia, Canada which contributed greatly to the financial requirements of this community project.

In 2020, voluntary work began on the Sports Field, with earthmoving machinery used to level the ground. The onset of Covid-19 halted further progress for 12 months but it fuelled the desire to overcome the effect of the pandemic. Trojan work was carried out by an army of local volunteers which included many of our young children who seemed to understand the desire and the drive to have a Sports Field in Belcarra village to promote outdoor activities and sports.

The field provides a healthy and safe play and activity area for all ages including Belcarra National School, Carnacon LGFA, Balla GAA, Manulla FC and the Irish Wheelchair Association who all signed licensing agreements to use the facility once completed.

Once the field was levelled and harrowed, local children picked stones to prepare the ground for seeding which took place in June 2021.  The field now has a fresh green haze of new grass and each day brings us closer to the wonderful occasion when the field will be open to all of the activities that young and old can participate in and enjoy for many years to come.

In the true tradition of community spirit and volunteerism, the young and old of Belcarra Community once again placed their shoulder to the wheel in a true community effort to make where we live a place to be proud of.

Using the Sports Field, Children’s Playground and MUGA

All of these facilities are free to use for all members of the community, they have been created for you – Enjoy.

If you’d like to use the Sports Field please contact Adrian Lyons 087 7628538

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